TCA Convention Layout Tours

Friday Evening, August 20th, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM,
See Tour #11 for more details

Four operating layouts are currently confirmed on the Home Layout tour schedule. The highlight will be a visit to the 36’ x 16’ S gauge layout operated by Bob Knee and located in Pasadena, CA at the Robert W. Langton House. This house is a famous location for film production and was most notably featured as the exterior establishing shot of the governor’s mansion in the TV show Benson. The American Flyer S-Gauge Layout is located on the 3rd floor in the Ballroom of the house. The house also features Robert Langton’s toy train, model car and bicycle collection displayed in other rooms in the house. The modular train layout owners/designers/operators were Don Hasty and Bob Knee. Five (5) trains can run simultaneously on this layout. Equipment operated includes several custom-built S gauge locomotives made by Robert Hendrich, including a one-of-a-kind triplex. This layout tour is not ADA compliant, as there is a hill to walk up to get to the house, and then 2 flights of stairs in the house (no elevator) to reach the layout. If you are not fully mobile, please do not register for this tour.

Another home layout tour will be a visit to longtime TCA member Hollis Cotton’s train house located in the San Fernando Valley. Yes, he has a house just for his trains. They live in every room of the house and there are actually 2 separate operating layouts. One is an 11’ x 21’ Wide gauge pike and the other measures 8’ x 12’ and carries ‘O’ and S gauge equipment. Every room, even the bathroom exhibits an extensive American Flyer and Ives train collection.

Jerry Butler’s home layout, located in the same neighborhood, is a double decker affair with Standard and ‘O’ gauge loops measuring 32’ long x 12’ wide overall. There is a G gauge 2-rail loop that runs around the ceiling and another G gauge loop on the layout. The main G gauge loop crosses overhead on a spectacular custom built wooden lighted suspension bridge about 15 feet long. This bridge was hand built by Jerry himself. Many TCA members will remember Jerry for the train restorations he was known to produce, and for the pre-war style rubber stamps he made and sold to other restorers. The layout runs a whole hodgepodge of equipment including Lionel, Flyer, and Ives. Sadly, Jerry passed a few years ago, but his son Stef will be on hand to operate the pike for tour attendees, and share some stories about Jerry and his love of trains.

The 4th tour will be to Jon and Linda Pincus’ house right around the corner. When Jon Pincus first became interested in collecting trains, he specialized in high-quality Lionel ‘O’ postwar & prewar equipment. Nowadays, Jon has turned his attention to prewar Standard Gauge: primarily Lionel and Ives. In his train room, three of the walls are covered with shelves showing off his collection, while the fourth wall features accessories. The layout has three loops of track: Standard, “O” and a custom 5-rail right-of-way, which can accommodate either size. You’ll also see a Buddy “L” layout up near the ceiling. Our hosts Linda and Jon Pincus look forward to your visit!