Tour #4: Jacksonville Zoo & Botanical Gardens     CANCELED

Sunday, June 21, 1:15 PM – 5:30 PM Tour Price: $60

Guests make their own lunch plans, and can either choose to have an early brunch/lunch at the Hotel or downtown, or a late lunch at the Zoo cafes. The later departure time is for those who want to go to church or do something else in the morning before visiting the zoo and/or do not wish to spend as much time at the zoo.

This is not just a zoo, but beautiful gardens with walking paths, cafes, carousel, and a train ride. The zoo is divided into zones for each continent. The animals and the gardens provide a unique setting for each section: Asia, Africa, Amazon, etc.

The Zoo is also the home to the world’s largest Jaguar research center and hosts a special exhibit on Jaguars. And, a trip to Florida would not be complete without alligators, snakes, and other natives all safely separated from the viewing public! It will give you a great experience of Florida swamp, marshes, palms, water, etc.

Visit the Jacksonville Zoo website

NOTE: The Registration System lists this as Tour 4a and 4b --
            (Tour 4a has been CANCELLED. Tour 4b leaves at 1:15 PM. This tour returns at 5:30 PM.)

One-way Driving time: 20 minutes.

Tour includes: Round-trip motorcoach transportation, zoo admission, taxes. Lunch is on your own.

Special Wear: None

ADA Compliant: