Tour #36: Jacksonville Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Friday, June 26, 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM Tour Price: $60

Guests make their own lunch plans, and can either choose to have an early brunch/lunch at the hotel or downtown, or a late lunch at the zoo cafes.

This is not just a zoo, but beautiful gardens with walking paths, cafes, carousel, and a train ride. The zoo is divided into zones for each continent. The animals and the gardens provide a unique setting for each section: Asia, Africa, Amazon, etc.

The Zoo is also the home to the world’s largest jaguar research center and hosts a special exhibit on jaguars. And, a trip to Florida would not be complete without alligators, snakes, and other natives all safely separated from the viewing public! It will give you a great experience of Florida swamp, marshes, palms, water, etc.

Visit the Jacksonville Zoo website

One-way Driving time: 20 minutes.

Tour includes: Round-trip motorcoach transportation, zoo Total Experience ticket. Lunch is on your own.

Special Wear: None

ADA Compliant: