Tour #11: A Day at Jacksonvile Beach     CANCELED

Monday, June 22, 10:30AM or 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Tour Price: $40 

Guests make their own lunch plans, and can either choose to have an early brunch/lunch at the Hotel or downtown, or lunch at the beach cafes. The later departure time is for those who have other plans in the morning before the beach and/or do not wish to spend as much time at the beach.

The tour bus will take you to a central location on Jacksonville Beach, a large white sand beach with a nice boardwalk filled with shops and cafes.

You will need to pack your swim suits, beach wear, suntan lotion, towels, etc. and bring them with you. You can change at the hotel (recommended) or, there are public changing rooms/restrooms, and showers at the beach. People can choose to rent chairs, umbrellas, etc. and go to the beach, or they can simply choose to stroll along the boardwalk, visit shops, sit at cafes, etc.

There is a very historic all-volunteer lifeguard station that is a highly recommend tour. You do not need to arrange this ahead of time. If a group of you just walk up and knock on the door, they will give you a tour.

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NOTE: The Registration System lists this as Tour 11a and 11b --
            (Tour 11a leaves the hotel at 10:30 AM while Tour 11b leaves at 1:00 PM. Both tours return at 5:00 PM.)

One-way Driving time: 20 minutes.

Tour includes: Round-trip motorcoach transportation. Lunch is on your own (see above).

Special Wear: None

ADA Compliant: