Tour #12: AT&SF 2926 Steam Locomotive Tour

Wednesday, June 26, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM Tour Price: $45 

The 2926, one of thirty Santa Fe 4-8-4’s, is a war baby born on May 5, 1944. The 2900’s were a huge success providing fast wartime freight and passenger service pulling almost all of the Santa Fe passenger trains. At 50 MPH they were capable of producing almost 5,000 drawbar horsepower and their 80” drivers allowed them to reach speeds of over 100 MPH!

After logging over 1 million miles it was given to the City of Albuquerque in a dedication ceramony on November 1, 1956. There it languished in Coronado Park for 44 years! Then, in 1997, the New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society purchased 2926 from the City for $1.00! In 2002, it was moved to its current home at 1833 8th Street in Albuquerque. Now fully restored, the Society is busy planning numerous main line excursions. The Society welcomes TCA members and families to join us at the restoration site for a comprehensive tour of this magnificent engine. Following the tour, you will travel by bus to the Iconic Route 66 Diner for lunch on your own.

Sante Fe 2926 dedication in Coronado Park

Restoration nearly complete on 9/1/2018

2926 at Coronado Park

About the NMSL&RHS

The New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Rail Road Historical Society (NMSL&RHS) is a non-profit organization staffed solely by dedicated volunteers whose mission is to fully restore the Baldwin 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive, AT&SF 2926, to operational status while promoting and educating the public about the ties of State economic development with rail transportation. WWW.NMSLRHS.ORG is the only Official website that represents the project. We have also registered WWW.2926.US as a shorter, easier to remember alias which points to the exact same website.

In the mid 1990s a group of train enthusiasts formed NMS&LRHS for the express purpose of restoring the 2926 to full running condition. At about 10:30 on the morning of June 23, 2000, the giant drive wheels rolled for the first time in forty years, as the 2926 was towed out of the park. This began a two-year pirouette, as the Society moved her about twelve blocks to their newly established “World Headquarters”, as the restoration site is called, at 8th and Haines Streets. At the World Headquarters, a group of dedicated volunteers is performing the challenging tasks associated with putting the 2926 back in full running order.

Assembly of the tender has been completed for some time, although there is some minor wiring and piping still to do.

For the last couple of years, attention has been focused on the locomotive itself. Extensive inspection and re-welding repairs have been performed on the boiler, 80" driver wheels, cab and numerous mechanical parts. The boiler”s interior was cleaned and underwent final sand blasting recently. Extensive sheet metal repairs were done to the Cab. The Cab has now been painted and is being fitted with brand-new interior wood work. Refurbishment and assembly of the braking system is currently under way. In short, the Engine is well past the disassembly and inspection stage and well into final assembly of its re-furbished parts!

In the not-too-distant-future, we are confident the thunder of 2926 and the wail of her whistle will be heard again as she makes her way from town-to-town.



Nothing Could be Finer Than the 66 DINER!

Best burgers… best shakes… and amazingly great comfort food… all in our 50’s style diner on Route 66.

People come from across town and from all over the world to experience our historic ambiance and enjoy our fabulous food and shakes.

You’ll think you’ve stepped back into the 50’s and 60’s with our eclectic ambiance! Betty Boop, Elvis, Marilyn, vintage and neon signs, juke box, soda fountain and Pez collection are just some of what you’ll experience when you visit us.

It’s hard to imagine a more photographed location in all of Albuquerque! We invite you to have fun taking and sharing photos of you and your friends!

66 Diner website

One-way Driving time:  15 minutes.

Tour includes:  Round-trip motor coach transportation, donation, taxes and gratuity. Lunch on you own at the (Route) 66 Diner.  

Special Wear:  None

ADA Compliant: